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We are providing here only biography of famous people of India. Readers can visits this (biography.huntinews.com) site if they want to know about the people who have done good work in their life and for Country.

Why We Separate this site to huntinews.com main domain?

Huntinews ( huntinews.com ) is made for news only but later we feel that people searches about the famous people of India basically about his biography, Age, Family and many more things.

After a couple of review we are dicided to make the seperate plateform for those who really want to know about the biography of famous people of India in Hindi.

We are focusing to give the detail information about the people of India who already done a good job in his/her life journey. We are focusing on different sectors like, Politics, Entertainment, Sports and so on.

We also focusing to give information about the people who are not famous very much but they are really done some awesome work for his/her society and Country.

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